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Customised Business Solutions

We understand that all businesses are unique on its own and has its seperate challenges to tackle.  Regardless of the type of business you are in, there are standard business processes and practices to follow.  

However, some business processes may differ from one to another and our team of business process improvement professionals will help to identify the opportunities, build on your ideas and develop IT and/or IoT applications to optimise the processes and provide better efficiencies.

Customised Solutions for Internet-of-Things

Working with our partners on sensory devices, wireless technologies, data storage & analysis, and software applications development (both desktop and mobile applications), we are capable of providing solutions using state-of-the-art technologies to improve on (business) processes without human intervention.

Our solutions are capable of covering residential, commercial and industrial applications including but not limited to hospitality, agricultural, transportation and many more.

Website Design and Development

Working with you to understand your business challenges and help identify the needs for online presence, to tackle the challenges and bring traffic to your website with the right contents.  

We provide a one-roof service with our collaborators to cover concept, design, contents management (includes photography if required), development, Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that you get the objectives you set for your businesses.

Mobile Apps Design and Development

With prior and existing experiences in the developing Mobile Applications for enterprises involving both front and back end development, we look into the needs of the businesses and are capable of integrating IoT devices within the Mobile Apps.

We are equipped with the experience and capability to explore and provide a one-roof service, together with our collaborators to cover concept, design, development and backend support for Mobile Apps on the different mobile platforms.


Office/Home Network Infrastructure

The latest wired/wireless network technologies in the market provides plenty of choices based on budget and application to connect network devices in the likes of workstations, mobile ,network storage and many more devices for efficiency. 

With a team of IT professionals geared with and experience in Network infrastructure setup, we are capable in providing solutions for businesses and homes with a budget, yet wanting to connect devices for wired/wireless connectivity with proper firewall setups for network security purposes.

Website Domain and Hosting

Choosing a hosting provider can be a pain for business owners, of which many are not aware of their needs and what to sign up.  At GoDigital, we provide a hassle-free service for businesses to get the best deal based on needs, yet not compromising the integrity of the contents.

We have been working closely with a few Australian-based providers to provide different packages based on the needs and budget, and we manage them directly. We will provide all necessary access to the businesses with simple training and documentation on the access provided.  

IT Business Partnership for SMEs

We understand the challenges encountered by SMEs to adopt IT solutions for their businesses due to a lack of resources and increase in budgeting which may end up stressing and stretching the business further.

As a all rounder and integrator of different technologies, coupled with partnerships in the different aspects of IT needs for SMEs, we work with our customers to provide the best and cost-effective one-stop solutions to meet the needs for their businesses without bursting a hole in their pocket.  

We work with you on your business.