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Our Partners

Where we are at GoDigital Australia, we believe in collaborative development and solutioning to widen our options in providing the best possible solutions for our esteemed clients, to meet the various unique challenges they face in their field of business.

Having partnering options in different elements of the chain also allows us to provide different viable solutions, suiting different complexity, context and budget to provide options for clients to decide which would suit them best based on needs and budget.

Technology startups and IT Consultancy

We position ourselves as an integrator of IoT solutions with our capabilities to provide one-roof solutions, integrating the use of sensory devices coupled with wireless solutions and with the development of software applications on the backend to provide information and analysis to simplify/optimise processes. 

Contacts with Training and Research Institutes

Having contacts with teaching and research institutes gives us an added advantage of having access to new technologies and solutions that may be applicable to match the needs of our potential clients.  Potential partnerships on solutions are on case-to-case basis and we could bridge the contacts, but not influence the decisions of these institutes.